Laws Of Creation
Harness your power in order to create the life that you deserve

You found this book for some specific reason, not just by accident. The book is designed for those who want to improve their life; for it contains the seeds of thought that will help you find The Solutions to whatever you are facing.

You are the architect of your own life, therefore use your willpower, make the choices that control your destiny, create your own life path, your own fortune that is based upon what you truly desire.

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    Author: Steven Redhead
    Amazon Version
    Paperback ISBN: 978-1508438038
    E-book ASIN: B00TDU7ULU

    Published: February 2015
    Language: English
    Word Count: 89,060
    Paperback: 242 pages
    Paperback Size: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches

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    E-book ISBN: 978-1310519314

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Check out THE LAWS OF CREATION if you want to improve the quality of your reality; it could literally help change your life.

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About The Book

'The Laws of Attraction’ explained how to attract what you want; yet if what you want doesn’t exit you need to create it. 'The Laws of Creation' shows you what the greatest inventors throughout history knew and practiced, they created what they desired.
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Chapter Excerpts

Get the flavour of the book from these chapter excepts, that will give you the feel of what the book is about and what the contents aims to achieve. When taken to heart, these philosophical ideas are intended to improve the overall quality of everyday life.
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Chapter List

One way to find out more and get ideas about the book is the view the Table of Contents chapter list. Each section has short chapter themes based on addressing set concepts. There are bullet points to remember at the end of each chapter.
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Inspirational Videos

These videos were made to give inspirational ideas based on the best highlighted quotes from the book ‘Creating Your Reality’. Backed by meditational music, the videos make it easier to remember the key points that can then be applied to life.
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Motivational Quotes

Through out the book key motivational quotes help clarify the various ideas, while making these thoughts easier to remember. Some key quotes from the book are featured here; this helps to quickly get the feel of the book, and its potential benefits once applied.
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Where To Buy

The book was wrote to give you ideas for how to create your reality in the most effective ways within your world. Taking the concepts, then utilising them, even modifying them, then applying them to help create a better life for yourself and the ones you love.
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